If you’re looking for one of the best expungement attorneys in Texas, you’ve come to the right place. DWI specialist and founder of Thiessen Law Firm, Mark Thiessen, is considered a top expungement attorney in Houston, Texas. 

As a Triple Board Certified in Criminal Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization, DWI Defense Law by the National College for DWI Defense, and DWI Law by the DWI Defense Lawyers Association six-time Texas Super Lawyer, Mark Thiessen has earned a formidable reputation for helping his clients expunge their records and live their lives without the burden of a criminal record holding them back.

Let’s take a few minutes to cover why Mark Thiessen is considered to be one of the best expungement attorneys in Texas, as well as a few of the basics people seeking expungement should know.

Why is Mark Thiessen a top expungement attorney in Houston, Texas?

The simplest way to explain why Mark Thiessen is one of the best expungement attorneys in Texas (as well as just a top DWI attorney in general) is to lay out his qualifications and awards. Here’s a quick look at just a few of them:

  • He is one of the youngest criminal Super Lawyers in Texas 
  • He is the only criminal lawyer to be named to the Top 100 Super Lawyers in Texas
  • He is board-certified in Criminal Law
  • He is 1 of only 5 (yep, just 5!) lawyers to be board certified in DWI Defense Law in the entire state of Texas
  • He earned the American Chemical Society-Chemistry and the Law’s (ACS-CHAL) Forensic Lawyer-Scientist designation, which is the highest form of scientific recognition available for lawyers)

What does all of this mean? For starters, it means he’s good at what he does. However, what it really means is that Mark takes things to that next level every single time, as Mark’s rather extensive list of successful DWI case results implies. Furthermore, Mark is not just skilled in criminal law, but in areas of science, as well. 

In other words, he can manage criminal cases from a variety of angles and, when everything is said and done, make sure you qualify for expungement. This is important. If you go into trial and settle for something less than a dismissal or Not Guilty verdict, this may mean you’re not qualified for expungement (more on this later).

The basics of an expungement in Texas

What is an expungement?

Deferred adjudication, dismissal, non-disclosure, and expunction are not the same. With deferred adjudication and dismissal, your offense remains on your record. Many people do not understand this fact when they go into the process, and are left with regrets afterwards.

A non-disclosure does remove your offense from the public eye, but it DOES NOT remove the offense completely. While you may be safe from future employers, lenders, and landlords, you will not be safe from the prying eyes of the police and other government agencies. 

To have your offense completely removed and “expunged” from your record, you need an expungement. Expungement in Texas is only available for certain people. This is why it’s important that your lawyer explain these qualifications to you before making any decisions with your case. That way, if you do wish to seek an expungement, you and your lawyer can work towards it in a way that makes sure you’re qualified for it. 

In other words, if you’re wondering, “Do I need a lawyer to expunge my record in Texas?” the answer is almost always a resounding yes.

Who qualifies for expungement in Texas?

You are eligible for expungement if:

  • You were convicted but later acquitted in a court of appeals
  • The prosecuting attorney recommends an expunction
  • You were arrested and charged but your case was dismissed
  • You were arrested but never charged 
  • You were acquitted of a crime
  • You were convicted but eventually found innocent or pardoned
  • You are a victim of identity theft

There are many offenses that are eligible for expungement, but the most common offenses include DWI, DUI, and assault, all of which are types of cases that Mark Thiessen handles in his practice. 

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Why do you need a lawyer for expungement?

As we mentioned earlier, it’s important to work with a lawyer in order to have your record expunged. Something as common as a DWI can stay on your record forever and negatively impact your future, including your job opportunities.

A skilled Harris county expungement attorney, like Mark Thiessen, can work with you from the very beginning to get your charges dismissed. From this point, your attorney can help you narrow down the best path to an expungement. 

Even if expungement isn’t your end goal, a lawyer can help you avoid Texas DWI penalties, which can be extremely harsh. Investing in a top DWI/expungement lawyer is worth avoiding the fines, jail time, and other penalties associated with DWIs and other similar offenses.

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You have the option to work with one of the best expungement attorneys in Texas. Contact us today.

Whether you’ve just been charged with a crime or you have a misdemeanor on your record, you have options. With 100s of Not-Guilty verdicts to thousands of dismissals to his name, Mark Thiessen is the lawyer you want by your side no matter where you are in your legal battle with a DWI, DUI, or intoxication manslaughter charge. 

Don’t let this obstacle stand in your way forever. Give us a call at 713-864-900 or contact us online today to discuss whether the potential for an expungement is in your future. 

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